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Modern Technology in the World of Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

As we all know customized rubber stamps are the ideal marketing tool for all kinds of businesses and organizations, they give brand recognition to a company or organization.
With a wide range of uses like labeling goods and mailing letters, packages, invoices, and shipments stamps are a very important accessory.

It is a low-cost method of brand promotion for businesses that use stamps to validate documents.
Pre-inked rubber stamps have become widely popular among the other types of rubber stamps due to their compact size, easy customization, and ‌hassle-free stamping experience.

These pre-inked rubber stamps are straightforward, small, and practical to use because the ink refill is built into the stamp itself, eliminating the need to carry an extra ink pad as is the case with conventional rubber stamps.

Problem Statement

Develop a website where customers without design knowledge should be able to quickly design their stamps on a website both on phone & computer, without having to download an app by following a few easy steps and selecting from a large range of designs, which makes the entire stamp design process simple and effective.

Mobile Commerce Experience

▸We focus on creating a user-friendly website with simple navigation that will lead users through the entire stamp designing process.
▸The website will provide a great user experience, and the user will successfully find the product they are looking for.

Crafting Online Experiences that Convert

▸We wanted to make it easier for consumers to find all different types of pre-inked stamps on a single platform, thus we created an aesthetically pleasing and functionally developed Svaink website.

▸Anyone can simply design a stamp thanks to simple customization processes, and there are many options for pre-inked stamps, making the creation process quick and efficient.

▸It is one of the most distinctive features that you might come across in India, where you can customize a pre-inked stamp on the website itself without downloading any apps for it.

▸By simplifying the customization steps through the website itself, anyone may make their own stamps based on their demands.

▸You have access to a large selection of stamps for businesses, organizations, simple initial stamps, weddings, crafting, and more.

Action Plan

▸We curated a functional website with a wide range of pre-inked stamp collections that you can easily opt for.
▸The branding design has been explicitly designed keeping in mind ‌the stamp designs and features.
▸Additional features on the website include well-guided tutorials, blogs, a chat box, and the option to hire a designer to create your stamps.

UX Design Phase

✦ Information architecture mind map
✦ User flow document
✦ Wireframes
✦ Interactive prototype
✦ User testing report

UI Design Phase

✦ Visual design mockups
✦ UI animations
✦ Design system
✦ Design specification

Fast & Safe delivery

Website is been integrated with Shiprocket, a leading logistics partner that ensures timely and hassle-free delivery of products to our customers. The entire process is been automated.

User Behaviour Tracking & Analytics

The website is been integrated with Google Analytics, which is essential to track and analyze user behavior, conversion rates, and other key metrics that help you understand how users interact with your site and make purchases.


The website has been designed with easy access to all the products and simple customisation steps to make the user journey easy and simple. The additional features like a chat box, hiring a designer, easy tutorials and guides boost the website's performance.

Clear understanding of client needs & the business

Plan of action designer for a long-term goal

Taking into action 7 executing the plan effectively & efficiently
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